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Donate/Support FPS

Please support F.P.S. by collecting the following everyday items:

                                                box top pic

    The next generation of Box Tops is here. Traditional Box Tops clips are being phased out of production, but you can still send any remaining unexpired clips to school. Every valid Box Top clip is worth 10¢ for your school. Make sure each one has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date.

     Eventually the Box Tops program will become digital-only. Participating brands are starting to change their packaging from a traditional Box Tops clip to the new Box Top label.

     If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. Box Tops are still worth 10¢ for your school. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to your school's earnings online.

    Redeem anywhere, anytime within 14 days of purchase.

  • Over 90,000 K-8 schools participate nationwide
  • Each Box Tops coupon is worth 10¢ and they add up fast!
  • Schools can use their Box Tops cash to buy whatever they need most, from books to field trips to playgrounds.
  • So far, America’s schools have earned over $913 million from Box Tops…and counting!


Community Coffee Cash for Schools

      Each year schools earn thousands of dollars to support the education of our youth. Just think what that     amount of money could mean for your school!  The Community Cash For Schools® program supports participating schools that collect Proofs of Purchase from Community® products. These product Proofs of Purchase can be redeemed for cash that each school can spend at its discretion. There are no stipulations on how the money is spent. Schools can choose to allocate the money toward new textbooks, computers or even events. This program is entering its 30th year and to date it has helped participating schools generate over $7.4 million!

How It Works

In order to participate, students, teachers and their local communities work together to collect Proof of Purchase labels from Community® coffee and tea products purchased at grocery stores, hotels and businesses. As a whole, schools then submit the labels as instructed at Once submitted, these product Proofs of Purchase are redeemed for cash that each school can spend on programs that support children’s educational needs.


               Pull Tabs                                                                                               Pull Tabs                    

Pull for the House

Looking for a substantial way to help your community? Sometimes the answer can be right under your nose. One important way that you and your school, organization, or family can make a difference in the lives of real families is to “pull” for the Ronald McDonald House. That’s right, those tiny aluminum pull tabs on your soda can help feed, clothe, and provide shelter for families that desperately need help in your area. Think your pull tab donation won’t make a difference? One tab on its own may not be worth much, but if you can get your school, family or organization to “pull together” we can make a big difference.

How It Works

Ronald McDonald House collects all pull tabs to be recycled, and for every pound of pull tabs collected, the House receives the current market value for aluminum. All proceeds contribute directly toward helping the House keep up with daily operating expenses and it plays a key role in allowing us to keep our doors open. You can bring your tabs to school and add them in the container by the music room. Please note: tabs can be taken from beverages, cat and dog food, food cans, tennis ball canisters, etc. We also have a label that you can download to put on your own canister.

Fun Facts

  • It takes 1,267 pull tabs to make a pound
  • 1 million pull tabs, when recycled, will provide night lodging for families at the Pasadena Ronald McDonald House
  • 1 million pull tabs, laid end to end, is 16 miles long


The Computer Lab is collecting used ink and toner cartridges to recycle and raise money.  Please turn in your empty cartridges to the Computer Lab instead of them away!


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