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School Motto
Tiger Cub

Discipline Plan


The first two weeks of school will be dedicated to classroom management. The students will learn during this time what behavior is acceptable and the correct procedure for carrying out instructions and tasks.


  1. Accept responsibility for your own actions.
  2. Respect all others.
  3. Speak quietly.
  4. Listen to directions, and then follow them.
  5. Be prepared to learn.


Each classroom will have a behavior chart. Each child will have a pocket on the chart with four color cards in it. All children will start each day on green. The child will turn a color card each time his/her behavior is unacceptable. The four color cards represent the following:

GREEN-----No cards turned and Caught Being Good Ticket (Turn tickets in daily)

YELLOW--Warning-One card turned

ORANGE--Two cards turned-During recess child reports to teacher and explains misbehavior.

RED----------Three cards turned- During recess child reports to teacher, explains misbehavior, and loses recess.  Parent is contacted. Document on Behavior Documentation Form.
          CUBS Academy assigned at during Specials for a repetitive behavior.

All major infractions for misconduct should include a conference between the teacher or principal, assistant principal, faculty coordinator and the student, followed by notification to parent(s) or guardian(s). Teacher will document parent contact on Office Referral Form.

Acts of misconduct are subject to disciplinary action as stated in the Washington Parish School Board Code of Conduct. Primary school students will be held accountable and the code of conduct procedures will be strictly enforced.


***Pre-K follows Pre-K specific discipline policy.***