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Family Involvement Plan

Five Star Family

5 Stars

        Franklinton Primary recognizes families who participate in school events.  It is important to establish a strong relationship between home and school.  We appreciate your support in our efforts to brighten children’s lives.  We have established the Five Star Family program to recognize families.  By being a Five Star Family,  you share your child’s enthusiasm in learning.  Join us in celebrating your child’s success in learning.


     When your family attends 5 of the 10 events listed, you become a Five Star Family.  Any family member may represent your child.  This program is all-inclusive.  Our goal is to convey the importance of family participation.  It matters to us and your child.  Your child will receive a free t-shirt when you reach Five Star Family status.


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Five Star Events

1. Meet the Teacher Day (1st, 2nd & 3rd grade only) 

2. Pre-K and Kindergarten Orientation Day 

3. Open House

4. Participate in at least one fundraiser

5. Parent/Teacher Conferences

6. Practical Parenting Meeting

7. Visit the FPS/Teacher web site (Bring in copy of site page.)

8. School Volunteer or attend Special Event

9.  Family Math/Technology Night

10.  Fall Literacy Night/Book Fair